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The Best Electric Drum Sets of 2019 You Can Buy Reviewed and Compared

An electric drum set is a drum set that creates the sound electronically. This means that you can plug in a pair of headphones and drum away with no concern for the neighbors or your sleeping partner/children. The result? You can really let loose!

At the same time though, electric drum sets have a host of other benefits. For one, they allow you to alter the sound that is being produced, meaning that you can enjoy all kinds of different styles. Want to create some Synthwave beats? Go for it!

And finally, the best electric drum sets will come with additional features – such as the ability to play music over the top of an existent track. This means you can play along with your favorite tunes and make the process of learning the drums all the more fun and rewarding.

In this post, you’ll learn the best electric drum sets you can get for your money, why you should invest and how to find the products for your purposes.

Comparison Chart

The Best Electric Drum Sets

Yamaha DTX522K Customizable Electronic Drum Kit with 3-Zone Textured Silicone Snare Pad

Yamaha DTX522K

Our Rating: (5/5)

This drum kit by Yamaha is a comprehensive solution and ideal starter kit for anyone hoping to learn the drums from home. It comes with a huge range of different drum and percussion sounds (691 to be precise), 3 zones of expression, crash and high hat cymbal pads, and a great texture that feels highly realistic on the skins of the drums.

What’s more is that you also get a whole host of different additional features. For instance, there are a number of different training programs that allow you to learn as you play and this is great for those starting out. What also makes this one of the best electric drum sets is the fact that it comes with a handy iOS app for easily changing the sounds and starting the programs.

Then there’s the ability to play along with your favorite tracks and import your own music. The one thing we found disappointing here was that the kick pedal did not come included and had to be purchased separately.

Pyle Pro Electronic Drum Set – Electric Drum Machine with Digital Module System, 5 Drum Pad Heads, Hi-Hat and Bass Pedal Controller, Rack Frame, Sticks

Pyle Pro Electronic Drum Set

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This electric drum set comes with 5 drum pad heads, a hi hat, a handy controller for creating the sounds you want, and in this case the pedals are included!

That said, this is not the superior product in all respects. The shape of the unit for one is a little disappointing in some ways. While the Yamaha can be arranged to surround the player or otherwise to fit around them and their room as they wish, the Pyle Pro has a very flat and rigid design. This is a unit that sits in front of you. You sit behind on a single seat. If you are happy with that set up though, then it’s a very good electric drum set and one you can easily learn on.

We were also a little disappointed with the high hat, which is really just another drum face – just positioned in the high hat location. That does increase the versatility, but it somewhat lessens the ‘feel’ of playing real drums.

It can connect to external devices – even allowing you to make your own tunes on a computer – and it has a jack for headphones.

Yamaha DTX450K 10 Customizable Drum Kits Electronic Drum Kit with Yamaha Drum Throne, FIRTH5A Drumsticks and JVC Full Size Headphones

Yamaha DTX450K

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This is a highly comprehensive electronic drum kit that has just about everything you could need to create all kinds of amazing tracks. This is a perfect demonstration of why Yamaha is the kind in this arena, as well as a great example of what’s possible when you invest in a decent electronic drum kit. These include drum sounds that have been recorded from real drums.

There are a total of 169 different voices here which are available across a range of snares, kicks, toms, cymbals, high hats and more. The drum pads have been designed for maximum sensitivity and durability. The sensitivity can also be changed to your liking.

The set up is versatile enough to ensure you’ll always be comfortable while playing, the iPad controller makes changing sounds and programs easy, and this truly is a comprehensive and ‘complete’ electric drum kit experience.

The best bit? This also comes with headphones included! A good set of drumming headphones is an absolute must!

Alesis Forge Kit | Eight-Piece Electronic Drum Set with Forge Drum Module and USB Port for User-Loaded Samples

Alesis Forge Kit

Our Rating: (4/5)

This is another very ‘full’ electronic drum kit by Alesis experience that provides a wide range of different pads and options for creating a range of multi-layered tracks.

You get 11” dual zone snare and three single zone toms giving a range of expression options. Each pad has a very comfortable and responsive feel, and the kick pad tower with drum pedal is the first we’ve seen on this list allowing you to get the full experience and the most impressive cognitive benefits (using all your limbs like this is one of the true benefits of learning to play the drums).

You also get the powerful ‘Forge Drum module’ which has countless built-in features and options to give a whole ton of different ways to play. A control pad makes it easy to control, while you can also use a USB stick to load your own backing tracks, favorite tunes to play along with, or samples to mix up. This is good for beginners but great for pros.

Roland TD-11KV Electronic Drum Set Bundle with 3 Pairs of Sticks, Audio Cable, and Austin Bazaar Polishing Cloth

Roland TD-11KV

Our Rating: (4/5)

But the most accomplished and premium option on this list by far is the Roland TD-11KV Electronic Drum Set Bundle. Just looking at the superior build-quality and design, this is apparent right from the start. The sheer number of drums and pads with large surfaces for perfect expression and realistic cymbals are amazing for anyone craving a realistic experience (three cymbals to be exact. You get the tom and kicks and you get a particularly natural sound that will almost pass for a ‘regular’ drum kit.

The control pad is multifunctional, it has the option to play your favorite tracks, but it also comes with recording and play back. Everything here is top of the line.

Why Learn the Drums

So why learn the drums at all? Why get a drum kit?

Often, we listen to music or play an instrument because we find it relaxing, pleasant or entertaining. Having some background music is a great way to change the atmosphere in a room and to cover up any potentially jarring silences when we’re entertaining. At the same time though, simply listening to music for its own sake can be a very pleasant and fun experience if it’s a track we’re very fond of or if it’s one we’ve not heard before in particular. 

Playing an instrument is even better it allows us to express ourselves, share music with others, and do something creative.

But all that aside, music can also actually be good for us and it’s something we can use in a number of ways to get more out of our day. 


Music is a great way to vent frustration or sadness and to generally release psychic energy. Rather than letting our emotions be bottled up, but playing something loud on your electric drum kit or singing along with a sad song we can get in touch with our emotions and find a way to express them that feels safe and guided – like primal scream therapy but less hard on the vocal chords. 


Choosing the Best Drum Kit

Priming means essentially putting yourself in the correct mood for something. Priming is used in business for instance and marketing – whereby a room full of people might be shown a feel good video or made to listen to some upbeat music before the company representative came in in order to promote their product. This is very effective because it essentially means that a company can ensure that the crowd is in a good and susceptible mood meaning they’re more likely to warmly accept the service or product being promoted. It’s even in advertising to help create positive associations for a product, whereby you might be shown images of happy smiling people right before seeing the logo they are trying to promote. 

This is something you can use yourself with music is to prime your mood with the right stimulus. For instance then if you are struggling to feel motivated to do a work out then you can put on some inspiration music to alter your mood and put you in the zone. Meanwhile if you aren’t feeling energetic or in the mood for going out, then putting on some party music can help to gee you up and get you out there. 

Playing the drums? That’s a sure fire way to feel like a rock star, to boost your mood and to feel ready to take on the world!

Brain Development 

Did you know that learning an instrument is incredibly good for your brain? The amount of coordination involved in an activity like drumming, not to mention the amount of rhythm, all means that you are going to be using areas of your brain that rarely see much action.

On top of this, drumming and playing other instruments will help you with ambidexterity because you are using both hands. This is especially true of drumming, which requires you to use both hands and your feet! This in turn has been shown to thicken the part of the brain called the Corpus Callosum, which connects the hemispheres. This can increase creativity and visualization. You know who else had a thick Corpus Callosum? Some guy called Einstein

And learning anything new like this has also been shown to enhance brain plasticity. That means you’ll actually grow completely new neurons and form new connections throughout your brain. This is the basis of learning and it’s incredibly good for you.

Choosing the Best Drum Kit

We’ve seen some very good reasons to get an electronic drum kit and we’ve looked at some of the best electronic drum kits on the market right now. When choosing your own, consider a few things:

  1. How realistic is the sound and experience? Look for a drum kit with lots of zones so that you can change the sound of the drum via the way you hit it. How sensitive is it?
  2. How many drums/pads do you get included? How large are they? And is this expandable as you improve and need more?
  3. What options are there? Can you play through headphones (a must)? Can you play your favorite backing tracks? How about samples or recording and playing back your own performances?
  4. What’s the company like? Is this a high quality product or one that’s likely to deteriorate?
  5. How does the kit sit around the player? Can you fold it around you and sit in the middle like a ‘regular’ drum kit or will it sit flat in front of you?
  6. Does it have an app? Computer programs?

If you consider these options, then you should be able to find the best electronic drum kit for you. Now you have a way to boost your mood, develop your brain, and impressive friends and family. Plus: enjoy endless hours of fun! Be sure to read our full reviews to find the best electronic drum kits for you. 

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